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Meet Team Millionaire

The Millionaire Blueprint combines a simple plan, easy-to-follow rules and a little known fundamental analysis "number" into a powerful monthly "hyper-compounding" growth strategy for self-directed investors and traders.

John Hutchinson

  • Creator of the Million Dollar Portfolio Blueprint.
  • Best known as a wealth-building expert and strategist helping people rescue their portfolios.
  • Editor and Publisher of Main Street Investor (www.mainstreetinvestor.com)
  • Author of The Wealth Shield, a unique wealth protection portfolio plan, available at Amazon.com.

Jamie Dlugosch

  • Millionaire Blueprint Expert Stock Analyst
  • 25 Year Stock Market Veteran and Investment Analysis Professional
  • Hulbert Financial Digest ranked his Rational Investor a #1 Newsletter
  • Financial Journalist for Traders Reserve, Main Street Investor, MSN Money, InvestorPlace
  • Author of forthcoming book, 'The Manipulators: Beating Wall Street's Earnings Game'

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